An evening around the topic of data protection

On 01 September 2023, the new Swiss data protection law will come into force and we have informed what companies must now pay attention to.

On the occasion of the new Swiss Data Protection Act, which comes into force on 01 September 2023, we organized an information lanass together with sartorial rechtsanwälte ag. The focus was on the new data protection law and its impact on companies and consumers.

Our interested guests were informed about the new law with two presentations. Max Wellerdieck, attorney at sartorial rechtsanwälte ag, brought clarity about the upcoming changes and what companies should do for it. Stefan Mettler from Cryptron Security GmbH presented the latest hacking trends and highlighted the importance of protecting personal data.

At the aperitif afterwards, we were able to exchange views with our guests once again and answer any questions they may have had. It was a very exciting and successful event. We would like to thank everyone who attended and contributed.

Cyber Security at Rey Technology

Rey Technology is also concerned with the topic of cyber security. We support you in ensuring that you are efficiently protected against the dangers of cyber crime and against major financial damage in the future. In doing so, we use a technical and organizational catalog of measures that clearly defines the areas of responsibility in your company. With us as an implementation partner of the Swiss Cyber Defence DNA, you benefit from broad-based know-how and many years of experience. Together, we set the hurdles for hackers so high that attacks become rarer and thus hardly any striking damage can occur.


IT security audit for SME

Cybersecurity for businesses is of utmost importance. How well is your IT infrastructure protected from cyber criminals and cyber attacks? Is your data adequately protected from an encryption attack? Is a contingency plan in place to protect against extortion?

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IT security for infrastructure

Cybersecurity for enterprises is of utmost importance. It is important to consider all aspects of IT security to minimize the risk of cybersecurity threats. Data theft, industrial espionage, sabotage and blackmail must be prevented at all costs

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Cyber security at facilities 

Many companies focus on IT for cyber security. This completely neglects systems for controlling plants where mechanical, electrotechnical and software components are interconnected and communicate via a data infrastructure such as the Internet!

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