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We are pleased to introduce Rey Technology and its affiliated companies to you. We would be pleased to have the opportunity to personally meet you soon.

Rey Technology, the creators – as a privately owned company, we have placed our business partners at the heart of our endeavors since 1982. Rey Technology signifies sustainable, future-oriented automation and digitalization solutions, collaborative partnerships, well-founded expertise, extensive experience, and high-quality standards.

Our committed and capable employees are the cornerstone of our success. We prioritize continuous training and personal development, as well as nurturing our apprentices. With a team of over 100 experienced professionals, we assure our clients of consistently optimal and efficient project implementation, aligned with the latest standards, norms, and technologies.

Corporate philosophy

Some call it a "marketing gimmick", we call it our mentality. Anyone who sets foot over our doorstep - whether for a job interview or to start a new business relationship - will feel it immediately. We are committed to "doing", because without "doing" nothing can be created. For us, sound planning leads to implementation, always with the focus on realizing a sustainable solution for our partners. No ifs and buts.

For example, we support industrial manufacturing companies in replacing manual, repetitive and often risky work processes with machine and system solutions.  The benefit for the customer: optimized workflows and processes, lower process costs and correspondingly higher added value.

At Rey Technology, we are proud of our makers: complete makers, efficiency makers, enablers.

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