Competence IoT and platform solutions

Thanks to our proven toolkits, we develop individual and industry-independent applications and platforms for you in no time at all. In doing so, we can tailor the individual processes to the customer's individual needs. No challenge is too big for our creators. We rely on web and mobile solutions, which are easily connected to other systems and devices via an iDIP (Industrial Digitalization and Innovation Platform). Your benefits are forward-looking system solutions, more efficient processes, and higher data quality. This also forms the basis for the huge potential that you can tap into with AI and machine learning.

Our services for innovative IoT and platform solutions

IoT, IIoT and MES solutions

In the area of IoT and IIot as well as MES solutions, we have products that support you in the digitalization of your processes. Our IoT Solution allows you to connect any smart devices (e.g. electronic devices, machines) to the cloud and monitor them via web browser. Thanks to the configurable dashboard in our IoT portal, you can compile your graphical reporting with just a few clicks and have a quick overview. Countless features like workflows, escalation levels and an address book are waiting for you. The iDIP SmartMES was built to support production processes. Thanks to the available modules and expansion options, solutions can be put together efficiently and yet individually. Both systems can be connected with an iDIP to get even more out of the existing data.

Individual platform development

Rey Technology employs a highly motivated team of software and mobile developers who work with you to turn your dream of an easy-to-use, efficient and comprehensive platform solution into reality. Whether customer, process or B2B portal, we support you on the way from the idea to the finished platform and always focus on the customer benefit as well as the efficiency increase of processes. Thanks to our platform toolkit (iDIP), a toolbox for the development of platforms and portals, we have a variety of platform functionalities that we can easily integrate into your software: including mobile connectivity, authentication, identity provider, report engine, document generator, dashboard and workflow engine.

Web and mobile development

Our professionals have experience in developing a wide variety of mobile or web applications. In the case of mobile applications, we often rely on Xamarin solutions, because once developed, they can be published on both platforms (Android and iOS). This allows for cost-efficient development and also a simple update process during operation. Thanks to the Rey Mobile Center Solution, we have a particularly efficient way of getting simple apps with notifications and web content into the stores. For web development, we rely on the latest technologies (C#, Asp.Net Core and VueJS) to provide our customers with a fully integrated experience. As in all the above services, we also rely on a standardized software development and later maintenance and support process for web and mobile development.

From software development to software integrations

For all the services described above, we see ourselves as professionals in the field of software integrations. Often the system only lives through the integration into an ecosystem of applications. We are also happy to analyze your systems and make a proposal regarding integration possibilities.

iDIP - industrial Digitization and Innovation Platform

In order to optimally support companies in their digital transformation, we build so-called iDIPs. These systems link people, processes, devices and systems with each other and generate information and added value for all stakeholders from the data obtained. iDIP provides various connectors via which devices such as machines (OPC-UA, Modbus, native drivers), Bluetooth devices, mobile devices, sensors and actuators or also various systems such as SAP, CRM, Q systems and logistics systems can be connected. Thus, processes can be linked and digitized across systems, devices and stakeholders - the basis for the use of AI and machine learning.

Other competences and products


We accompany you on your digital transformation. From your initial digitization ideas, we develop a sustainable digitization strategy. Based on concepts a platform-based solution approach among other things will bring your digitization strategy to life.


Our IT services include services from cloud to on-premise solutions. We operate or support your IT according to your individual needs.


As a independent system integrator, we implement customized automation concepts from the field level to the process control system for your new plants and retrofits.