Optimize production processes independently

The iDIP platform offers you an easy and fast entry into the digitalization of your production. The highly customizable smart factory framework seamlessly integrates into your existing system and machine environment,  so you can independently optimize processes without programming. Operating and machine data are analyzed and processed in real time. This allows you to execute, monitor, independently optimize and automate production and execution processes paperlessly.

iDIP IoT portal

  • No more paper data collection

  • Optimize processes independently without programming

  • Important information and KPI's always in view

  • Evaluate and reuse collected data 

  • Easily link machines and sensors

Rely on standards with Industrie 4.0 and digitize your company step by step and sustainably with our proven solution from Switzerland.


Seamless integration with your environment

Smart gactory framework for rapid success

Web solution

The iDIP platform is a web solution based on the latest technologies. It can be operated on-premise or in the cloud. Due to the approach of the web solution, no client installations are necessary

App designer

With App designer, you can independently create input and information pages as well as workflows for your own applications. This allows you to digitize and automate your processes without programming.

Simply integrated

The iDiP platform allows easy integration of peripheral systems, machines and sensors thanks to numerous connectors. The Connection Hub offers over  180 different machine drivers for connecting systems.

Modular design

Depending on the problem, various standard modules are available for a customized solution.

Central user management

Use your own central user management via Azure AD or iDIP internal user management to access the iDIP platform.

Hand in hand

Seamless interaction of our products to be able to use the mobile-device functionalities (iDIP Mobile) or also to connect decentralized sensors or company sites (iDIP IoT)

Production industry

You want to digitize your production processes, have a better grip on them, optimize them independently and make them paperless?

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You want to digitalize internal and external processes in your company, automate them independently and make them paperless?

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