Competence customer service

Rey Technology offers customers a comprehensive portfolio of services. With our 360° lifecycle service, we maintain the functionality and increase the availability as well as the economic efficiency of the plants and systems. Our 360° service includes maintenance and support services in the areas of automation, IT and digitalization for process plants, machines, switchgear, controls, infrastructure, servers, networks, IoT, MES and much more. Our specialists in the respective areas will be happy to support you with all your concerns. We are available 24/7 and help quickly and without complications.

Maintenance and support of software and hardware in the areas of automation, informatics and digitalization (OT & IT)

Every technical facility requires maintenance and support. We offer you expert support to ensure that your technologically sophisticated systems remain operational and functional. Even if you need support at short notice, we are happy to provide advice and assistance: by telephone, remote maintenance or even on-site at your or your end customer's premises.

Services in the field of automation include comprehensive maintenance and support services. Thanks to them, the functionality of plants and production processes is maintained. In addition, they also increase their availability as well as economic efficiency. A forward-looking maintenance strategy adapted to machines and operations as part of the lifecycle service additionally helps to increase reliability and ensure quality. In this way, unplanned downtime can be avoided.

  • 24/7 service availability
  • On-site service
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning
  • Expansions and retrofits
  • Plant and process optimizations
  • Spare parts service
  • Lifecycle service
  • Thermography

24/7 service availability

We accept your concerns and reports of malfunctions around the clock. In case of emergency, our support for machine and plant shutdowns is available at any time. This means that our customers can always rely on their equipment being available in the best possible way.

On-site service

Despite numerous remote monitoring options, it often makes sense to visit companies and their facilities in person. Regardless of whether troubleshooting, regular maintenance, optimizations or expansions are required, we will be happy to support you at your premises.


At Rey Technology, doers work, even when it comes to assembly work. Our service technicians assemble and install control cabinets and switchgear at your site and also support you with all the following work.


Once the plant is completed, we also accompany you during commissioning. In doing so, we take over IO checks, cold commissioning and also warm commissioning. In this way, we ensure a high level of functionality of plants and production processes right from the start of operation.

Extensions and retrofits

Would you like to selectively expand existing systems or bring them up to date? Our specialized service technicians will be happy to support you with expansions and retrofits and also carry them out independently. In this way, you can tap into new potentials or minimize the risk of production downtimes

Plant and process optimization

Could your plants and processes be even better? Our motivated and experienced software developers and process specialists will be happy to support you in your optimizations. In doing so, they will individually address your needs, design innovative solutions and implement them themselves.

Spare parts service

Failures of individual components are always possible despite high quality standards. We advise and support you in organizing spare parts or finding a replacement solution. In this way, we ensure that your systems can resume operation as quickly as possible.

Lifecycle Service

  • Commissioning
  • Software update / upgrade
  • System update
  • Migration
  • Retrofit or refit
  • Maintenance

Service contracts

A reliable partner can be crucial for plant operation. Our service contracts assure you of our comprehensive services with agreed response and intervention times. In this way, we ensure that your plants and controls are ready at all times.


A reliable partner can be crucial for plant operation. Our service contracts assure you of our comprehensive services with agreed response and intervention times. In this way, we ensure that your plants and controls are ready at all times.

The specialists at Rey Informatik are service creators with heart and soul. Those who use our cloud services or implement other IT projects with us can rely on comprehensive support. We offer various service subscriptions and have a support hotline and a ticket system with short response times. Thanks to automated system monitoring, it is also possible for us to respond to unforeseeable events at any time.

  • Hotline and remote support
  • Maintenance and on-site service
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Service contract with SLAs
  • Periodic monitoring of your infrastructure

We are support creators with a passion and are happy to offer you support around application solutions that we have created for you. With a corresponding support contract, we ensure the availability of our employees as well as the transfer of know-how. In case of operational problems, we are always on hand, our competent team solves problems in the shortest possible time and thus ensures the best possible availability.

  • Hotline and remote support
  • Software maintenance and support
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Remote log analysis
  • Software enhancements

Other competences and products


As a independent system integrator, we implement customized automation concepts from the field level to the process control system for your new plants and retrofits.


We develop industry-focused individual applications, platforms, and software solutions (IoT, MES, customer portals) that are precisely tailored to your processes and needs.


Our IT services include services from cloud to on-premise solutions. We operate or support your IT according to your individual needs.