IT security audit for SMEs

Cybersecurity for businesses is of paramount importance. How well is your IT infrastructure protected from cyber criminals and cyber attacks? Is your data adequately protected from an encryption attack? Is a contingency plan in place to protect against extortion?

The cyber threat is constantly increasing and there is no such thing as 100% security. What defenses are there and how can you best protect yourself against these attacks? Have your IT infrastructure tested for loopholes and grossly negligent dangers with little effort by the IT Security Audit . The findings are summarized in an audit report. This will provide you with an overall assessment of your IT infrastructure.

The audit report can then be handed over to your own IT or the current IT service provider in order to eliminate any vulnerabilities found as quickly as possible.

With the specified technical and organizational catalog of measures you will be able to clearly define the areas of responsibility in your company in the future and will thus be efficiently protected against cybercrime threats.

How does an IT security audit works?

  • On-site inventory (1 day)
  • Detailed preparation  (1.5 days)
  • Assessment and debriefing  (0.5 days)


Swiss Cyber Defence DNA

Rey Technology is an implementation partner of the SwissCyber Defence DNA, a guide for your business to easily and efficiently protect against cybercrime threats and large financial losses.

Service of Rey

  • Review of technical components and organizational measures
  • Audit report
  • Identification of vulnerabilities and risks
  • Detailed assessments
  • Clear recommended actions for implementation

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