Control system for the energy industry and infrastructure

Are you looking for an innovative solution for visualizing and monitoring the public water supply network, the water supply or the district heating network? With the "zenon Energy" process control system, Rey Technology offers a tailor-made solution for the requirements of municipal facilities.

In a rapidly changing energy landscape, characterized by the progress of renewable energies and advancing electromobility, the complexity and load on electricity grids is becoming ever more intense. This dynamic environment requires innovative technologies and systems in order to meet not only current but also future requirements. This is where Rey Technology's process control system comes in, specifically designed to meet the needs of municipal facilities and enable seamless integration, monitoring and management of the power grid. Immerse yourself in the world of zenon Energy and discover how our system can revolutionize your grid infrastructure.

Process control system for utilities

The expansion of renewable energies and the increase in electromobility are increasing the demands on the public power grid. It is therefore important to know and monitor this grid. With zenon Energy, Rey Technology offers an open and customizable process control system that is specially tailored to municipal needs. With this solution, you are ready for current and future challenges challenges. Knowledge of your own network increases the reliability of the supply and can also be used preventively for network expansion and investment planning. Among other things, the control system visualizes the power grid including the transformer stations. Alarming and trending of the data enable a new level of transparency in real time. Thanks to secure online access, the grid can be monitored at any time and from anywhere. A number of sensors and actuators can be integrated into the process control system allowing measurement data and statuses from the entire supply area to be visualized centrally.

Platform for all municipal needs

The individually configurable zenon Energy allows the integration of other trades of municipal importance. For example, the local water supply and district heating network can be displayed on the process control system.

Integration of LoRa sensors

Rey Technology has implemented another communication method with the integration of LoRa sensors. With LoRa technology, decentralized and non-network-connected sensors can be integrated directly into the process control system. This enables, for example, simple and cost-effective energy measurements even in the most remote locations.

Control technology

  • zenon Energy

PLC and telecontrol technology

  • Siemens A-8000, SAE FW


  • Ethernet / Modbus TCP / PB / PN
  • IEC-61850 / IEC-60870 protection/control technology

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