Energy data acquisition with LoRa

Rey Technology offers a simple solution for carrying out energy measurements in remote locations. With LoRa technology, energy measurements can be carried out in power distributions that are not connected to a network. The energy data can either be visualized in the IoT portal or integrated into the process control system.

In a world where energy efficiency and optimal use of resources are becoming increasingly important, companies are faced with the challenge of making accurate energy measurements without breaking the bank or wasting valuable space. Traditional energy meters can often be bulky, require expensive installations and are not always flexible enough to meet the ever-changing needs of modern operations. This is exactly where we come in. Our measuring equipment has been specifically designed to not only be cost-efficient and space-saving, but also to offer high flexibility and precision in energy measurement.

Whether you are looking for a permanent solution or need short-term insights into specific sections of the grid, our system is designed to integrate seamlessly into your infrastructure and provide you with accurate, actionable data in real time.

Cost-effective and space-saving energy measurement

The technical design of our measuring equipment also allows it to be retrofitted into a transformer or substation. Each channel is equipped with three Rogowski coils, which can be integrated into the corresponding circuit without any additional tools. Using LoRa technology, the data is transmitted to our servers and can be integrated into our IoT portal. Thanks to the modular design, it is easy to expand the channels or add further measuring points at a later date. In addition, the measurement can also be used temporarily to gain short-term insights into specific network sections.

Visualization in the IoT portal or in the process control system

The measurement data can be displayed and archived both in our IoT portal and in our zenon Energy process control system. Alarms can also be defined in both portals.

Control technology

  • IoT Portal
  • zenon Energy

PLC and telecontrol technology

  • Bridge mode


  • LoRa / LTE / NB-IoT or 450connect


  • LoRa energy measurements with Rogowski coils for decentralized locations without network connection

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