Wood-fired power plant || (HKW ||)

In the Basel region, IWB operates power plants for the production of renewable electricity and climate-friendly district heating.

With heat, steam and electricity from regional wood chips, part of the heat generation from natural gas in Basel is replaced. The HKW II generates energy for the district heating network, steam for the surrounding industry and for its own steam turbine, which produces electricity for 5000 households.

Rey Technology's scope includes the control cabinets, controls and electrical work (subcontracted).
Our control system combines fuel logistics, burner control, hydraulic control for district heating, and control of the steam cycle.

Figures HKW II

  • Electricity production 27 GWh/a
  • Heat production 80 GWh/a
  • Savings CO2: 19,000 t/a

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End customer


Performance of Rey

  • Technical documentation EPLAN P8
  • Control cabinets for the power and control part
  • S7-400 in redundant design
  • Fail Safe CPU

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