Control system for the largest woodchip power plant

In this exciting project, Rey Technology combined four operating stations and three technologies into a uniform control system for AXPO Tegra. As a result, the largest woodchip-fired power plant in Switzerland can now be centrally controlled and monitored.

AXPO Tegra ensures sustainable and climate-friendly energy production, a secure and independent power supply, and high regional value creation with Switzerland's largest wood-fired power plant in Domat/Ems. The company's core competencies include the production of renewable energy as well as the drying of various wood products.

The project at a glance

As part of this automation project, Rey Technology recently developed a central control system for AXPO Tegra's wood chip power plant. The scope here extended from the operation and monitoring of the power plants to the drying plant and remote alarming. All areas of the plants can now be coordinated and monitored uniformly in the central control room. Various clients with up to four screens are available to the customer for this purpose. The range of functions is rounded off by remote alarming via the Zenon control system.

The makers of Rey Automation planned and implemented the replacement of the existing systems with a Zenon control system. In addition to the delivery and installation of two redundant server racks, this also included the development of the new Zenon HMI application. The existing applications served as a template. This involved the following components:

  • 2x Rockwell Factory Talk View stations
  • 1x ProLite Station
  • 1x Older Zenon version
  • 2x WinCC Touch Panel

The contribution of Rey Technology

This is how the customer benefits:
AXPO Tegra's power plants can now be monitored and controlled centrally and uniformly. This simplifies processes while also increasing safety. In addition, several aging components were replaced, which ensures the future performance of the control system. Since Rey Automation's typical doer mentality also came into play in this project, the customer also benefited from an efficient and targeted planning and implementation phase. Coordinated with the existing applications of the control system, Rey Technology used various components whose performance has already proven itself in diverse projects. 

Leading technology

  • Zenon Software Platform V8.00


  • Dell PowerEdge
  • Dell Synology
  • Dell Wyse Thin Client

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