Recycling plant for electrical and electronic materials

Modernization of asset management at Immark: more efficient recycling of electrical and electronic equipment by Rey Technology.

Due to the increase in consumption, the amount of waste material is also rising steadily. Immark is an expert in the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. Thanks to its state-of-the-art facilities, Immark achieves a recycling rate of up to 95%. The plants generate valuable raw materials over several process stages, which are returned to the material cycle. In a first step, the old appliances are manually sorted, triaged and de-polluted. Subsequently, in the mechanical de-pollution process, the old appliances are gently opened during pre-shredding so that any remaining pollutants can be removed in the subsequent sorting stations . The contaminant-free material is then processed further in the fine separation stage, where metals and non-metals are separated. In this way, metal fractions and plastic fractions are returned to the material cycle in the purest possible form.

Rey Technology was responsible for the planning, construction and programming of a central plant control system for a total of seven independently controllable plant modules of the recycling plant in Regensdorf. In addition, the project included a retrofit of the control system of an existing module.

The primary goal was to modernize and centralize the control technology, to enable more efficient and simplified handling of the recycling plant. By dividing the project into two phases, the changeover could be carried out during ongoing operation. This minimized production downtime and guaranteed a seamless integration of the new technology.

The central control system now enables simpler and more efficient control of the entire recycling plant. The retrofit of the older module also ensures that all modules are technically up to date and interact smoothly with each other.

Leading technology







  • IO 1700
  • Frequency inverter G120 40 units

Performance of Rey

  • Planning
  • Electrical diagram with EPLAN P8
  • Fabrication of the control cabinets
  • Electrical installation
  • Delivery, assembly and connection of new control cabinet panels
  • Software engineering PLC
  • Software engineering visualization
  • Function test
  • On-site training

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