Weinfelden mill hydroelectric power station

Prevention is better than cure. The mill Weinfelden hydropower plant is taking a proactive approach to the energy shortage and is subjecting the existing plant to a comprehensive retrofit.

The hydropower of the Thur at Weinfelden is used for electricity production in the small hydropower plants Model, Mühle and Widen. A three-span weir dams the Thur above the Weinfelden-Rothenhausen road bridge and diverts a water flow of max. 22 m3/s into a headrace channel, which after about 150 m splits into the factory channel (KW Model) and the mill channel (KW Mühle).

The Wasserkraft Weinfelden AG was faced with the challenge that the operational reliability was no longer guaranteed by the old control system. To ensure the availability of the plant, it was decided to retrofit the control system and the mechatronic components.

Rey Technology was allowed to implement the retrofit of the control system. The existing five control cabinet panels were replaced with new ones. The new PLC took over all regulation and control functions. Thanks to joint planning with esolva AG, the implementation could be realized on schedule and with low downtimes.

For the next decades the power generation, is guaranteed by the use of the most modern control hardware. Wasserkraft Weinfelden AG can now rely on a high availability of the power plant . Due to the individual solution, according to the motto everything from one source and after a short conversion time, the customer now has a long-term and highly available plant. 

Leading technology

  • Siemens SIMATIC WinCC TP1900




  • Siemens SIMATIC CPU 1515-2 PN


  • Basler type DECS-250 E

Protection device

  • Woodward


  • DI 120 / DO 50 / AI 20 / AQ 10

IoT portal

  • Remote maintenance
  • Alarming
  • Data export
  • Dashboard


Performance of Rey

  • Planning and functional description
  • Disassembly of existing control cabinet panels
  • Electrical diagram with EPLAN P8
  • Fabrication of control cabinets
  • Delivery, assembly and connection work new control cabinet fields
  • Software enginnering PLC
  • Software engineering visualization
  • Function test
  • Production support

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