Secure dams with digital data capture

The regular inspection of Swiss dams is required by the StAV ordinance on dams. For this purpose, measurement data are recorded on a regular basis. Axpo Power AG monitors just under 50 such structures in Switzerland and has revised this process together with Rey Digital.

Axpo collects data on the dams and uses it to create models to assess dam development and movements. For this purpose, the structures are regularly inspected by dam keepers. Various measurements such as water level, sounding measurements or joint openings are taken and checked. The data is automatically transferred to the Axpo database to update the model calculations and detect abnormal behavior at an early stage.

The "Portable Data Acquisition System" used in many plants has been replaced by a mobile app that guides dam attendants through the inspection process. This way, the different routes are displayed in the app. In addition, you receive active support during the upcoming measurement. Measuring points are identified via QR code and measurements are recorded manually or automatically via Bluetooth connection of a measuring device. These are checked for plausibility by limit values that are recalculated daily. The limit values are immediately displayed to the dam attendant. On the part of Axpo, the routes can be adapted very flexibly by means of configuration files.

This newly developed app has reduced the susceptibility to errors and simplified and accelerated the process.

Mobile development @ Rey Digital

In the field of digitalization, our mobile devices are indispensable. They are often the ideal interface to interact between humans and systems. Whether native or web app, iOS or Android, we support you from brainstorming to implementation.

Mobile Center Solution

Rey has a SaaS solution with various standard services for your mobile app. In no time you will have a complete mobile app in the store with features like notifications and custom configured content.

Performance of Rey

  • App and UI concept
  • Mobile App iOS/Android (incl. Tablet)
  • Backend connectivity and authentication via Microsoft Azure
  • Bluetooth connectivity of measurement devices

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