Artificial ice rink

At the artificial ice rink in Sissach, the refrigeration control center was renovated. Rey Technology makes the control of the cold distribution.

The refrigeration plant at the Sissach ice rink was renovated at the end of 2018. The system from Walter Wettstein AG generates a cooling capacity of 2 x 250 kW and achieves a minimum temperature of -13 °C. The refrigeration plant is responsible for the perfect ice of the artificial ice rink and the additional curling field with a total area of 2400 m².
Contributing to the sustainability of the ice sports facility is the waste heat utilization with a high and low temperature network, which covers 100% of the energy consumption without fossil energy.

The scope of Rey Technology includes the technical documentation, control cabinets, control and management level. Storage management of HT and NT storage, cold distribution, control cold demand.

Figures Kunsteisbahn Sissach

  • 1800 m² ice surface
  • 2x 250 kW cooling capacity
  • Heat recovery for own use

Customer reference

Walter Wettstein AG Refrigeration

End customer

Sport Sissach AG

Performance of Rey

  • Technical documentation EPLAN P8
  • 6 meters control cabinets for power and control part
  • 1x CPU S7-1200-F, 1x CPU S7-1500, programming in TIA Portal v15
  • Fail Safe CPU for machine room ventilation, emergency stop shutdown, NH3 alarming
  • IPC for visualization and alarm system iAS
  • iDAQ View

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