Application Development

With our motivated developers and project managers we develop any kind of software for you. Our focus is on mobile app (Android/iOS) and web applications with connection to machines and surrounding systems. Thanks to our "Rey App Toolkit" we have basic functionalities like authentication, mobile communication, MES dashboard quickly set up and can focus on your domain specific wishes.

We rely on Agile Software Methodology (Agile Scrum), which puts your value creation in the center. Benefit from:

  • A finished product at any time: every 3 weeks (After each sprint/iteration) a finished (with your selected features), tested and documented product which can be presented and demonstrated on your hardware for your customers with the current set of features.
  • Flexibility: As a product owner, you have absolute flexibility and can make adjustments to the further feature planning after each sprint (iteration). Determine what will be implemented in the next three weeks.
  • Maximum efficiency: the Scrum framework is designed to optimize the efficiency in the development and the business value of the product, thus maximizing the return of the product and minimizing the costs.
  • Satisfaction: Our experience shows that by using Scrum, the collaboration between the customer and the development team is very constructive and productive within a very short time and is perceived by both sides as very pleasant and efficient. Customers who already develop with Scrum do not want to change.
  • Transparency: Through our modern DevOps tools, you have insight into the status of the work at any time. Once from a planning perspective on the sprint board and once the implemented feature on our fully integrated staging environment.

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