The invisible threat: focus on plant safety

Many companies focus on IT when it comes to cyber security. This completely neglects plant control systems where mechanical, electrical and software components are interconnected and communicate via a data infrastructure such as the internet! We support you in making your system secure so that you are protected against costly and time-consuming failures in the future!

In the modern industrial world, systems are at the heart of many companies and form the core of their business activities. However, as the technology and complexity of these systems increases, so does the risk of unforeseen malfunctions, failures and security gaps. A small error, an unnoticed vulnerability or an unexpected event can have serious consequences that go far beyond financial losses. The question is not if, but when these risks will become reality. The security of your systems should therefore not be taken for granted, but should be the focus of a continuous process


Rey Technology supports companies on their way to a secure plant. This is done in three steps:

Have an understanding of the systems

Before you can ensure the safety of an industrial plant, it is crucial to first have a deep understanding and a comprehensive overview of the entire plant and its software components. The following questions need to be answered:

  • Which devices / systems are in your environment?
  • What do you know about your devices / systems?
  • How is your environment structured?
  • What vulnerabilities and risks are there? 
  • How can these vulnerabilities and risks be managed?

This is where Claroty comes in. As a market-leading provider, Claroty offers an innovative software solution that enables companies to gain a comprehensive overview of their facility and identify potential vulnerabilities.

As an official partner of Claroty, our team will put the Claroty software into operation in your company.


Removal of the vulnerabilities

After a thorough analysis of your system and identification of existing weak points, we prioritize and rectify these in a targeted manner. This allows us to significantly increase the safety and efficiency of your system.

  • Who eliminates which weak point and when?
  • Which risks need to be (technically) eliminated where
  • How can unplanned downtimes be reduced?
  • How can the recovery time for system commissioning be reduced in the event of an incident?

With our expertise, we accompany you through every single step, from the initial consultation to the final implementation, and ensure that your system is not only efficient, but also optimally protected.


Dealing with threats

In order to ensure the long-term security of a system, continuous checks and adjustments are essential in the company.

  • Which threats worry you the most?
  • How should your employees deal with warnings?
  • How can your company organization ensure the security of the facilities?


In this day and age of increasing cyber threats and attacks, plant security is an absolutely key issue. We will be happy to support you on your way to a secure plant. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation!


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