Rey Technology and Smarter Thurgau join forces for an evening full of visions for the future

Rey Technology and Smarter Thurgau show ways to innovate in industrial automation and digital transformation. An evening full of inspiration and networking.

We at Rey Technology would like to thank all participants for a successful evening full of innovation! The three inspiring presentations on industrial automation and digital transformation have shown that the future starts today.

Key takeaways from the presentations by Samuel Naef ( AG), Lukas Naef (Rey Technology) and Teresa Alberts (ITficient):

Samuel Naef makes it clear that the topic of process automation can be approached in very different ways. It doesn't always have to be a huge project that turns everything upside down. An incremental approach is often better suited to taking employees along on the journey and you can still have a vision of the big picture as a goal.

Lukas Naef shows more specifically how to set up an automation project and program your own apps and applications very easily with low-code or no-code without programming, including the connection of various peripheral systems. Your own employees can take care of ongoing adaptation and further development. The advantages of low-code in a nutshell: fast development, flexibility and adaptability, simplicity, integration, low costs.

Teresa Alberts provides an overview of what a digital twin can be useful for. Namely, wherever you can't measure, but want to get information about the condition of a system with the help of simulation. And the twin is not necessary for the entire system, the critical parts are decisive.

We not only gained important insights into current trends, but also discussed together how we can shape the future of the industry. The evening was rounded off with a convivial aperitif, where we had the opportunity to exchange ideas and make new contacts in a relaxed atmosphere.

A special thanks goes to Smarter Thurgau for organizing this great event! We are already looking forward to more exciting events and innovations in the future.