Construction updates - shell construction completed

Our building will be expanded by two floors and modernized to provide our employees with an optimal working environment. Completion is scheduled for November 2023. Now the shell of the building is complete and we are moving on to the interior. 

By expanding from our existing building we want to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our customers and employees. The additional floors will provide more space for offices, meeting rooms and workstations to meet growing demand. The top floor will feature a brand new cafeteria and a large terrace to linger on. There will be more parking spaces than before and small apartments will be integrated into the building.

The construction is in full swing and is slowly taking shape. We are pleased to announce that the shell has been successfully completed. Now it goes to the interior work. A big thank you to all the construction companies involved who have contributed to this important milestone. 

We can hardly wait until we can move into our new office premises.